Bletchley park

\"BletchleyThinking to go their on the Easter break I always wanted to go their they have lot  of fascinating stuff.  I more interested  in The Colossus tool that helped win ww II


any way here is the link any one waned to  visit 

6 thoughts on “Bletchley park”

  1. Din…Damn dude..i always wanted to go dere.. i think they have the enigma machine too rite ? i think its a bit too far for me and i dont even have any time so did u go dere ? any good ?

    (sorry abt the post in the wrong section..please delete..thanks)

  2. yeah i know.. there is a excellent documentry about that on youtube (search for ‘Mind of a code Breaker’) anyways i wish i can go 🙁 got any pics din ?

    Btw i hope u know my e-mail ? i need some advise from you. i need a new phone

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