windows 8 and microsoft office 2013 review

only used it a day so not an expert on this but looks good. I have to install the classic start menu though as I can\’t use metro on a normal monitor.

Windows 8 feel faster fresh install took a while though it might be my computer being 5 years old.

installed the office 2013 64bit install was fast and working great. I like the intro when you 1st start up to say how good it is but I didn\’t find any different other than it looks similar to the office 365.

I mainly started using mac now but I like MS trying some thing new but they shouldn\’t have got rid of start menu hope they fix soon. Windows store search  is rubbish cant find any thing I have to go back to Google to find things

3 thoughts on “windows 8 and microsoft office 2013 review”

  1. Standard Windows 8 isn’t a disaster, but the interface slows the user down because the design is inefficient(not just unfamiliar – but designed badly). Classic shell is the user interface option that Microsoft should have built in.

    It’s kind of embarrassing that a multi-billion dollar company like Microsoft, with all its engineers, couldn’t do that one simple thing.

    1. yea they always did a classic mode not sure why they didn’t do on this. well I use the ninite classic shell and love it looks like windows 7 with all windows 8 advantages. so far I didn’t come across any issues

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