Roaming charges on mobile networks O2, 3 , EE etc

apart from three all the networks are very expensive. O2 will charge you £1.25 receive a call and £1.50 to call out. Text will cost another 40p I know O2 give the TVu GO app but data even more expensive. £6 for 100mb some thig crazy like that.

Best bet if you are traveling and needed use your O2 number. get a Three phone on a monthly or pay as you go. run the tu go app you will be able to use the data from three and phone and text from O2.

I know you can do the same thing by getting a local sim. some countries it\’s not easy getting a local sim. and with out knowing the Language we might end up with something we don\’t need or work.

Three works fine anywhere but London. in London it\’s rubbish I think mainly because lot of users are on this. My Mrs uses it when we go north. It\’s works faster than O2.

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