using Bank Credit Cards to our advantage

Ok if you hate banks this is the way you and get back at them, credit card companies only make money if we pay interest. which is why they give cashbacks and points etc just so that you will use their cards.

get a cards that give you points or cashbacks use them for your day to day expenses but set up a direct debit you pay the whole money off.

Only spend what you have in the bank account. you might ask why you use the credit card it\’s safer than debit card. and you get cashbacks so they are paying you and not getting any back from you. It\’s a good feeling.

When I was young I fall into their trap as a 19 years old given a credit card and they kept increasing the limit to how ever much I wanted. ended up in lot of trouble. I thought they are doing me a good thing till I calculated the interest I was paying

I learn my lesson. If I wanted to buy anything I just save up. If I can\’t then I won\’t buy it. I know it\’s not an option for everyone. some emergencies do happen but most part this will work.

I read lot from they have lot of advice on how to save money etc.

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