Home WIFI and internet Security with Ubiquiti (UBTN) products

price Ubiquiti devices are so good it\’s even less than the some of the home routers.

I went with EdgeRouter Lite
and went with 1 access point for now which is Unifi-AP-AC-LR with Broadbandbuyer I got 3 year free cloud controller access for this access point.

Router is very fast and can do lot of things we can only do with more expensive router like VLANs IPSec and PPTP tunnels BGP monitoring and lots more same with access points easy to install and setup.

overall you want be disappointed

2 thoughts on “Home WIFI and internet Security with Ubiquiti (UBTN) products”

  1. I recently sold my EdgeRouter Lite, although I really like EdgeOS/Vyatta/VyOS – never used the WebGUI much, always stuck to editing the config file via SSH.

    Decided I wanted to move away from proprietary solutions so moved over to a mini ITX box/SSD/Pico power supply/Celeron N3150 – zero moving parts so silent. The N3150 has AES-NI so I expect it should be able to deal with VPNs better than the EdgeRouter. It currently runs pfSense.

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