State of outsoursed IT companies and IT services companies, IT support jobs

Things must be getting desperate for Outsourced IT support companies, as I read few of their \”recommendation\”. some of them are out right lie or some things was only true in 1990s.

They still holding on to the old model where get a client make money by selling few service of their own and resell other services and make commission on the services they sell. and have retainer for the support.

Things are changing all the IT infrastructures are now going as a services model. which doesn\’t really require a IT companies to do much. every things is done by the large companies who providing that services. all you need is some one to setup the local services and monitor them but that doesn\’t require paying a company a retainer or use their support as you can call the companies direct and they will fix the issues directly.

My advice if you running a business dont waste your money on IT companies. get some independent IT consultants or get your self a IT managers who understand this things who dont resell any one service. get them to recommend few providers and read the reviews for each and select their services based on the cost or to your business need.

I think outsourced IT companies days are numbered

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