Nest Wifi Google\’s mesh router

Update 20/10/2020:- because way this mesh router works you can\’t manage how we manage ubiquity APs. IPv6 I couldn\’t get it to work. Still no issue with access and wireless speed.

I now have google\’s Nest WiFi router and WiFi point. It\’s not a big house, so coverage is excellent also easy to set up and troubleshoot. You connect the cable from your firewall to the Nest WiFi router and go to your google home app, and it\’s pretty much sets it\’s self.

Ones you do that plug the Nest WiFI point and follow the same on the google home, and it will work with no issues. If you need to move the Wifi point, it will tell you on the app. Also, you can use this WiFi point as google speakers it sounds good too. If you have a bigger house idea is to add more as you need, for me, one is enough with the router.

I have set up lots of home APs in my time, but this is the simplest to do also everything in one app and works. I didn\’t have any issues so far all working great will happily recommend

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