Soldering using HAKKO FX-888D Soldering Station,

Lockdown means our weekend trips to the Zoo and nature reserve can\’t happen, so I have a lot of time. It\’s only so much you can work on your bike and your daughter bike. Raspberry PI released a microcontroller called PICO. It\’s very cheap only issue was it doesn\’t come with headers.

I have tried soldering with cheap irons in the past it wasn\’t easy to do it. I gave up, and always bought the pre-built kit, even my ham radio practical I just about made it.

Now I have time, so I decided to buy HAKKO FX-888D It comes with the pointy tip. It\’s not a cheap one, but soldering thing was easy. I have done the pico for less than 5 mins. Not bad for a 1st try


I had lots of boards and electronic items that need soldering, which I\’m doing that now. Lots of fun to do with this Iron,

Set the correct temp for your type of solder and way to go. I Never thought it would be this easy to do it.

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