Raspberry Pi 5 user review

Successfully acquired my Raspberry Pi 5! This marks my first experience using the Pi 5 as my primary computer. I invested in a reliable power supply and secured a high-quality SD card to ensure optimal performance.

After installing the latest Raspbian OS, I was pleasantly surprised by the speed on the Pi 5. It’s worth noting that I wouldn’t recommend installing it on a Pi 4, as it seemed to slow down the system – possibly an oversight in testing.

Overall, my experience with the Pi 5 has been positive, except for the sound aspect. Now, it necessitates a USB sound card unless you’re connecting it to a TV/monitor with built-in speakers, which mine unfortunately lacked.

While the Pi 5 isn’t as budget-friendly as its predecessors, the value it provides is substantial. I opted for the 8 GB variant, complete with a case and accessories, and the total cost came to almost £120. Despite the price, the overall package still represents great value.

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