Casio GPR-H1000-1ER Review

If you, like me, are sick of smartwatches that need charging every day but need to know how quickly you are riding or walking, or need other information, nothing beats this watch.

It’s got retro vibes but has all the features you need: GPS, compass, altimeter, phone connectivity, etc. The main thing is its battery lasts at least two weeks. It also has solar charging, so normal phone functions can work like an old-school G-Shock. This is part of the Master of G series, so it works even when you fall into mud. With all the rain we’re having, that’s a real possibility.

In any case, it’s a good-looking watch with a few different watch screens. One shows the tide times as well, which is useful when you go to the beach to know when the tide is coming in. It also has a step counter where you can set your target, etc.

What Casio did is combine lots of features from other watches and add them all to this one watch. It’s a really good outdoors watch. Because of its long battery life, we can take it on our outdoor activities without fear.

This is a link if you want to see how it looks

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